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BESSEY Tool Company, a German family-owned company, was founded in 1889. Internationally recognized as a world-class steel maker, the company first introduced their line of malleable cast iron bar clamps in 1936 and heat-treated, all steel L clamps in 1952.  BESSEY has grown to be one of the largest hand tool clamp manufacturers in the world, distributing some 1300 different wood working and metal working clamp tools in more than 100 countries worldwide. BESSEY cutting technologies represent a tradition in the manufacture of tin snips going back more than 80 years.

BESSEY Innovation:

BESSEY has been setting new benchmarks in the field of wood working, metal working and welding clamp technology since 1936. As we invent and perfect the clamping and cutting tools at our German research and development facilities, we often find that these newly developed products often become models for an entire generation of innovative and productive tools.  Often copied, but never duplicated: This applies to the original BESSEY malleable cast iron L clamps introduced in 1936, or even to the original BESSEY all-steel welding and metal working L clamps that were first developed in 1952.

BESSEY Quality:

Our fundamental principle: BESSEY brands have been manufactured for constant loads and daily use, not for temporary loads and a one-time use. We have distinguished ourselves and earned the respect of customers for decades owing to our unrivalled attention to quality.  Quality comes from every level. In our German production the steel that is used in bar clamp production comes from our own world-class steel drawing facilities and goes through very rigorous quality control inspections. Incoming raw material shipments are tested according to the most modern processes. New product prototyping is exacting to ensure product durability and ergonomic function. Final production is reviewed carefully using modern statistical methods to ensure performance specifications are being met. The team at BESSEY strives to deliver maximum comfort, safety, user-friendliness and ergonomics and numerous quality and process certifications attest to our continued attention to detail.

BESSEY Product Range:

While searching through the BESSEY website, you may notice that the clamps and cutting tools from BESSEY offer a different product proposition than most tool manufacturers. For sure, BESSEY has a tremendous variety of clamping tool choices, that comes from efforts at innovation and that is what we do best but, it does not stop there. Continuing attention to tool quality is a key consideration and, during development, great care is also taken to consider the professional who uses the tool every day; that is a key difference to many manufacturers. You may notice that L clamps will have handles that are appropriately sized for fit and function, or parallel clamps with creative accessories to enhance productivity, perhaps the wood working clamps with a choice of comfortable handles based on personal preference etc. At BESSEY, it is not just about the tool but also, how the tool is used and a key reason for the success of the company.

BESSEY Personal Service:

Reliability, confidence and a sense of responsibility are the backbone of our partnership with our customers. For many years, we have been working towards manufacturing exclusive, high quality and innovative products but, we also recognizes that quality is not just about a great product. The people who buy or use BESSEY products may have questions about delivery, service, warranty or the occassional quality concern and we want to be there when needed. To ensure that high level of service can be achieved, the team at BESSEY works to enhance product training at the factory, with our sales agents, at our customers and with our customer support teams.

Our products include:

  • High Performance F-Clamps
  • High Performance Metal Fabricator's Clamps
  • Regular Duty All Steel Floor Shop Clamps
  • J-Series Step Over Clamps
  • Rapid Action Lever Clamps
  • K-Body Revo Variable Jaw Parallel Clamps
  • Malleable Cast Bar Clamps
  • Deep Reach CDS Malleable Cast Bar Clamps
  • K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps


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