HiTec Advantage

What is the HiTec Advantage?

  • The Hitec Advantage is getting your product on time.
  • The Hitec Advantage is a professional grade product at a competitive price.
  • The Hitec Advantage is getting what you ordered the first time.
  • The Hitec Advantage is everything the traditional internet retailer is not: Dependable.

How do we describe the club and its benefits?

By becoming a part of the HiTec Advantage, you gain access to factory direct support staff, a nation wide network of factory sales representatives for local assistance, expedited shipping programs, and a loyalty program untouched in the industry. Plan on a busy 2013? Once you reach $5,000 in purchases from HiTec Construction Supply, you receive 5% off on all items purchased for the rest of the year!

Your “My Account” dashboard provides a full listing of past orders and costs for future reference, as well as an area to review and re-order items you have already purchased.

The end experience for HiTec Advantage members is the same level of loyalty and service you would receive from a local, favorite distributor. The same easy and quick access to stock, the same purchase incentives, and the same support structure should something go wrong.

Why the HiTec Advantage? Well, why not?